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9 Nov 2018
Geometry can be found early in the BCC BCC. Started in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt [8] [9] Early geometry was a collection of experienced researches in terms of length, angles, lines and segments developed to meet some practical needs in terms of experience, construction, astronomy, and various skills. Lessons to be known on geometry are Rhind Papyrus of Egypt (2000-1800 V. Chr.) And Moscow Papyrus (about 18 v. Chr.), As Plimpton 322 Bellyoni ceramic tablets (1900 vs. Chr.). For example, the Moscow papyrus provides the formula for calculating a panchayat pyramid or fruit quantity. (V 350-50. Chr.) [10] Its subsequent ceramic trays show that the time of the Babylonian astronomical execution is to speed up the trapezoidal method to calculate the space position and guru speed. There are different methods to calculate your grades. These geometric processes were waiting for the Oxford calculator, with an average rate of speeds for 14 centuries. [11] The old boats in the Egyptian south established a system of geometry, including an earlier version of geometry.

7th century AD Chr ago To solve problems in such pyramids and edge-height ships, milets, geometry used Greek mathematician Thalets. The deduction of four deductions applied to the geometry by using the four conclusions of the Thales are used. [1] Pythagoras, Pythagoras is the school, which is credited with the first proof of the theorem of Pythagoras [14] although Theoremaussage has a long history. [15] [16] Uudocus (408-c. 355 v. Chr.) Has developed fatigue in fields that allow this amount to be computed and allow for significant progress in future information [17] and incompatible size problems related to problems related to future geologists Is there. About 300 BC Chr Revolution Euclide Geometry whose element [18] is widely considered to be the most successful and influential book, and the voluntary law, which is still used in mathematics, is the first example of definition, spring, set and evidence of the leadership of mathematical rules. Although many elements of the elements were already known, Euclid puts them together in a logical framework. By the middle of the 20th century elements were known for all the educated people in the West, and their content is still taught in geometry lessons. [20] Archimedes' fatigue method of Syracuse (287-212.C.C.C.), using an under-area of a parabolic arc with an infinite series summary, was calculated and provided a significant precise estimate of P. He also investigated the spiral, from which his name originated for the surface of the revolution, and received the formula.

Women's Geometry Lessons Picture (c.1310) at the beginning of the medieval translation of Euclid's Elements
Indian mathematicians have made significant contributions to geometry. Satpath Brahmin (3rd century BC) has religious geometric design rules like Sulba formulas. According to [3], "Oblast Sura", the Pythagorean theorem is the oldest oral expression in the world, although they have previously been known for the Old Testament include Pythagoras triples list. [22] There are special cases of Diphonite equations. [23] There are some geometric problems in the Bakhshali manuscript (issues related to the quantity of irregular solids). Search). The Bakhshala manuscript also manages decimal place with zero point. Aryabhattas Aryabhattas (499) Aryabhattas and Segements Brahmagupta wrote 628 in his astronomical work, which was compiled at Brahma Raspa Siddha Chapter 12, in which 66 Sanskrit verses were divided into two categories, "(in combination Breakdown, money and money and exchange) and "practical mathematics", mathematical series in the last part, plane statistics, tile flooring, wood cover and grains)


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